“It’s my basketball training secret-weapon” - Why countless NBA stars have partnered with ProClass to change the way you train…

So what is it and why was it created?

ProClass was created to level the playing field when it comes to top-tier training and knowledge. Now anyone can hone their basketball skills alongside the best players in the world, from any device, anytime.

The fact is, regular training only goes so far...

When you play in the NBA or WNBA, you’re exposed to the highest level of elite training there is. ProClass is a platform for players to share their knowledge with those who are hungry enough to ask.

Skills are broken down into specialty programs, each catering to different players' specific skill sets and areas of expertise.

What does this mean for you as a basketball player?

Want to work on your shooting, ball handling, game IQ, passing, footwork, pick & roll, speed, free throws or literally any aspect of your game?

Well then ProClass is your new secret weapon!

Meet the man behind the idea:

Collin Castellaw

Entrepreneurs are built different! Originally a Junior high art teacher, Collin created a Youtube channel to build an online basketball training empire called Shot Mechanics - now with more than 1M followers and students around the globe….

As a professional shooting coach, there was one sleep depriving question that simply could not be ignored: “How do we unlock the secrets of professional athletes at scale?”

Well, Call it a “10 year overnight success” but after more than a decade of dreaming, brainstorming and planning, ProClass was created and has accrued the likes of Chris Paul, Damian Lillard, Tyler Hero, Ariel Powers and many more of the world's top basketball talent.

But he’s not done there…

ProClass has big plans! Not only will the team of NBA and WNBA athletes continue to grow, but they’re also looking to add new sports into the platform.

Starting with football and collaborating with NFL stars, the goal is to expand into baseball, softball, golf, tennis and soccer ASAP.


Chris Paul

“Handle H.I.I.T”

The high intensity interval training system specifically designed to help any athlete turbocharge their ball control, hand speed, and off-hand development.

Dame Lillard

“Step Back Science”

Inside this program, you’ll learn the secret keys to developing the ultimate step back package from NBA All-Star Damian Lillard.

DeMar DeRozan

“Fundamental Footwork”

NBA All-Star DeMar gives you an inside look into the important keys to developing elite footwork.

CJ McCollum

“One Dribble Domination”

Dive into how NBA All-Star CJ McCollum uses one dribble to create separation for a jump shot.

And many more videos on: Playmaking, step back move, footwork, transition, shooting, free throw, etc…

Coming soon: Content from coaches, NBA legends, trainers, out-of-court content

How it works

  • 1. Simply add your customer information and billing address.

  • 2. Subscribe to our monthly or annual membership.

  • 3. Once that is complete, access all the videos on our platform!





Features / Benefits:

  • Robust content from different notable athletes

  • Seamless UI integration that allows users to easily navigate through the platform

  • Video contents are professionally edited, making it both informative and engaging for our users

  • New programs coming out weekly

  • Watch the content from multiple devices

  • ProClass provides “follow along” training drills and workouts that you can do alongside ProClass trainers in real-time


“The breakdowns and slow-motion replays really help to see exactly how to do the drills, and the athletes you have demonstrating them are the definition of credible.”

- Pete B.

“What I love most about Proclass is that they got professional NBA players to help us learn different moves and secrets to being a better scorer/offensive player. This has helped me on my grind a lot. In one game, I used Damian Lillard's Bump Step Back and scored an easy 3 points”

- Jalen H.

“You get some of the best players in the world teaching the critical few skills that get the greatest results! Proclass filters out the stuff you don't need to know and focuses you on the skills that build real players and win championships. Proclass is a real cheat code now all you have to do is show up and practice.”

- Adam P.

“The complexity and structure of the programs are well planned and executed, eyy man this is not your typical basketball program you always see on youtube 👌”

- Jaymart B.